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[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho


I'd like to give my point of view, expecting this can cool down the topic (despite I know this barely works^^)

Like on the K/K opposition, it seems communities have different way to play.

On Aniro the assemblies were not all the same. Depending on countries the protocol was different, sometimes heavy, maybe impractical, but this give spicy, and fits to the Lore. For example it was common to mock the impossibility to attend to a chamber of Nobles without invitation if you were not a subject, even for a ambassador.

It seems to me that in several monthes all the internationnal assemblies will be "flatten". Discussions will occurs in full english with always the same people talking at the same level. At the end we'll only need one super-meeting at the ranger's camp.

According to IRL standards it will be very efficient, definitely. But ? what do we want ?
Well, one may say this is logical after living togother 8 years of exil in the same place...^^

On Aniro again, it was logical for someone who wants to involve for his country to pass some rite -citizen first- and then higher ones like Taliar, Akenak, Nobles and Awakened, or ambasador, etc. It was admited that those people had louder voices and responsabilities in their country, a advantage given for assuming a roleplay.

Feylin's proposition does not came from nowhere, and certainely not from her supposed wish to control theocraty, even if she loves to be involved for it. I think she only tries to perpetuate the traditions she had learned. I guess she feels a bit alone as a awakened. They should be more, and rotate for the role of orator (one per circle). Sometimes the orator is usefull as a fuse, not directly impling the Sage by arbitrating (I can tell even for zorais, the debates could be hard).

I do not say "Aniro is right". I just wanted to give my feelings.



Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !
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