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[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Zhoi (atys)
8. about translations: sometimes translations have been done secretly by whispering (language-specific universe chat or user-chat) instead of being done aloud as it has been at the very first Great Assemblies of our Nations. Secrecy has been of disadvantage: if speakers cannot hear if the translators are able to keep up or are falling behind, then they cannot show consideration by slowing down their speaking speed.

I'm sorry to interrupt in a zoraï subject. I just want to add one thing about this "technical" part, since I'm sometimes acting as translator.
Since I feel this subject is a bit tense, feel free to make me know if I have to remove it from here (and, please, consider any "unrespectful" sentence as a consequence of English not being my native language, and not from any lack of respects to the players involved).

I agree on the fact that having a separate channel for translation, usually user-chat for the events I have attended, has disadvantages.
- One of them, you mentionned it, being that speakers don't know when to slow down or make a pause for translators to keep the pace.
- An other one, that I have heard about, being that it requires players to follow 1 more channel, since part of the around chatter may also be in their language.
- I also heard that some players already had some others user-chat opened, and it required them to close one to open the translation-chat.
- There may be others that I'm not aware about.

I agree on all of these disadvantages for the attending players, and I, as a player, understand why I've seen, on some events, all the translations for a linguistic group done on the around channel.
For that matter, when translating to english, I also do it usually in around, since I don't know of any specific channel for english-speaking players.

As an occasional translator (and not as a player following the event this time), I'd like to point the advantages that I find in a separate translation-channel. (It is only my feeling. Others translators might disagree.)
Globally, they result from the fact that translation in around means 3 times the same conversation being held at the same place.
- The translator has got to read each sentence (or at least, the beginning of it), and decide if s/he has to translate it or if it is already a translation. It takes time. It takes concentration. And when the pace is quick, it definitively increases the difficulty of the task.
- It means more lines shown up on the screen. Either you increase the size of your around-chat window (and even this has sometimes reached the limits of my screen) or you scroll up and down. More times, and more concentration, required.
- Last one is not directly related with the previous ones : sometimes, for reasons of their own, players may be out of reach of the speaker (big assembly, temporarily afk, character logged for chatlog but no player attending...). A separate channel means that the player still can get the contents of the event.
(Agreed, it also means that someone not attending the meeting knows about what happens. On an IC point of view, it may be a disadvantage.)

Since I've never attended any Circles meeting, all this is a bit theoric in this context.
I just hope that it might explain why, when translating an event, I prefer working on a separate channel. As may some others.

Thank you for your attention.
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