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[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Again I want to point out that translating does not get harder by speaking orders or by brief comments being thrown in - but instead by the amount of words that are spoken in a short time. It often happens when single Homins are unrolling long arguments, but in a fast speed of speach. Like you, Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, and also my humble self use to do.

So shouldn't your own way to voice long arguments in a fast pace seem very "disrespectful" in your own eyes; since it makes translations harder and such "excludes" homins who speak other dialects? At the last Assembly you have even asked the Sage to address the topic you wanted to speak about first, even though he was not finished with putting together the list of agenda. So what is it really when you're talking about "respect"?

It just can happen, and in fact very often does, that you might think someone has finished their arguments already and just as you start to reply they will then add another sentence. That's how things are like on Atys, because everybody needs a little time before saying a whole sentence. Do not call this "disrespect", as it would be unfair.

Translating even when Homins have freedom to speak has worked out very fine for a number of times already. The Nobles of the Matis for instance are quite free to speak. And it seems like you are soon going to be appointed Zorai-Ambassador for the Verdant Heights, doesn't it?

10. oh, and about weapons: the Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho has already asked a homin - Akenak Rollocks - to put away his weapon at an Assembly of Hoi-Cho. So it seems that the Sages want to forbid the carrying of weapons at Assemblies. Perhaps they won't mind magic amplifiers, I don't know. I suggest asking them.

That was all, thank you for reading

(OOC: about Events - are you mocking us on purpose? You of Jen-Lai and other French cities are the only ones to have gotten any regional Events organized by the Event-Team. We of the former server Leanon have suggested a number of Events already, also political ones like the Ceremony for the second Great Swarming; but there has not even been ONE Event executed by the Event Team for our language group since the server merge. Our wishes are just postponed and postponed time and again.

The little bit of talking at Assemblies is ALL we Leanon-roleplayers have right now. Well, except for prices being given to three Homins quickly at one occasion; which I can hardly call an "Event" at all. And a small number of player-events like guild-celebrations or a black market once, which have once or twice been spiced up a little by decoration provided by the Event Team for that short time...

Still the Assemblies are the only times when the Event Team actually talks to us IC; as the forums are not read and too many of our political letters have just been ignored as well. Thank you for encouraging them to sleep through the Assemblies in the future and doing even less!

And about what Daomei said: well, I still have hopes for Min-Cho. At least Fitis and Astarth have become Awakened lately :) But the interest in attending to Assemblies is definitely dwindling among former Leanon-players. Have you noticed that the Awakened Sartyrica hasn't said much at all at the last Assembly she attended? The player came online during the last Assembly as well (even though it was a little late, but the Sage was still with us); however did not even want to come to Zora.

And just yesterday there should have been an Assembly of the Akenos in Dyron - but not only did the two Akenos not show up in Dyron, also the Event Manager, the imperial messenger, did not. This has never ever happened before.

Nine "other" Homins, the "audience", waited for one and a half hour talking a bit about this and that until the last ones left. One of them said that the Assemblies in Pyr are not worth attending any more, others say that Assemblies have become boring because of so many silent waiting-pauses that the French players insist on, and others think their characters should best stay away from Assemblies as a logical reaction to have been treated badly or because their Nation had been insulted. It was outright depressing.)


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