[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

6. I don't see any need to have minute takers introduce themselves, also not translators. For example: the honored Awakened Astarth never wrote a record for the first national Assembly of Zora in the dialect of Min-Cho even though he said he would. At the moment we can consider oneselves fortunate if we can even find someone willing to translate and to write journals. To make these matters seem like duties and add more bureaucratic formalities to them could very well only raise the hurdles and nobody might volunteer then.

7. so you want to exchange the hand signs that have been in use up until now with standing up as a sign that someone wants to speak - and only one "next" in line would be allowed to do so? As interesting as it sounds this cannot work out. It's just too unrealistic, sorry. You do not really expect Homins to sit down again when others have stood up just an instant before them and then not being able to signal that they still want to speak later on, do you?

Especially as there are new arguments being brought up during everyone's speach that even more Homins would like to comment to as well. This would only end up by seeing everyone throw murmured comments around. And trying to keep up "calm" and organize such a complicated standing order would just keep those busy that have to lead Assemblies - but for a completely unreasonable end.

Also this would take much too long. Our last Assembly has shown that we should not ever again dilly-dally but instead must try to come to decisions faster. To slow down the collection of informations could very well lead to the postponing of many topics that could not be addressed in time.

Some people will not want to give their imputs anymore if the hurdles to do so should get too high; I have been told so already by some Homins! A "standing order" would only lead to that end - the audience keeping silent, not daring to say a thing. Being not informed thouroughly and such draw the wrong conclusions would be the worst outcome for the Circles. The goal of Assemblies should be to find wise decisions timely.

8. about translations: sometimes translations have been done secretly by whispering (language-specific universe chat or user-chat) instead of being done aloud as it has been at the very first Great Assemblies of our Nations. Secrecy has been of disadvantage: if speakers cannot hear if the translators are able to keep up or are falling behind, then they cannot show consideration by slowing down their speaking speed.

9. so you do you, Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, want to have some longwinding philosophical reasoning of yoursself interrupted by "Orators" other than the Sages, for the purpose of proceeding to the next topics? Of course you don't. How interesting that you do not want only the Sages, but also the Awakened - such as yourself - to "approve" to putting an end to longer debates? Isn't your intention showing just too obviously?

As you repreatedly speak of "respect", Awakened Fey-Lin Liang: what do things like that even have to do with "respect" or "disrespect"? Has respect - or rather showing submissiveness by staying silent while you are talking - suddenly become the most important principle of our people and Nation? Do you ever include "respect" for the audience, for those you call "other Homins" in your picture as well; especially Non-Initiates living in the Witherings and Homins who hold important informations about a number of topics?


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