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[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

First of all: thank you, Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, for informing Hoi-Cho about your ideas. It confuses me a little that you didn't use the open letters but added your suggestion to the minutes of Hoi-Cho...

What kind of "aim" would you see for our Assemblies to have? You might remember Initiate Valandrines words that the Sage agreed to?

1. I can assure you that the agenda cannot be prepared before the Assembly, even if I would like it. I have already revealed the reasons for this in my own suggestion. You cannot order the Sages to read or even add to this list of topics before the Assembly if let's say they want to invite special guests or announce news.

2. your suggestion to address the topics in this order seems logical enough, but there what if the Sages have breaking news to tell us - do you want to tell our Sages to respect "speaking orders" and wait with their announcements - maybe until the end of the Assembly or the timespan of their attendance? And what if special guests do not have much time and can attend to the Assemblies only a short while?

More efficiency is much needed for our Circles, as we have already been able to experience. We should never forget our goal to reach solutions and decisions for all important topics in time, and never too late.

3. this seating order is an interesting idea since it would be the only visible difference to the Assemblies of other Nations. Still I cannot agree to it. First of all you cannot order our Grand Sage Mabreka Cho where he should sit, neither our respected Sages! It doesn't surprise me that you would like to so nonetheless...

Secondly it is too complicated and would need too much space. Also we were repeatedly told that our circles of the Theocracy should not be seen as a hierarchie. But sadly this order would make it seem so... It especially gives the Awakened more of a special space than now as I can see - what a coincidence that you yourself are an Awakened, no?

Titles should never be the main factors to distinguish others; especially because some ambassadors or representatives of foreign countries do not even have titles they could show; you know? The balance of the cities should also be counted. And how could anyone's seat possibly facilitate their speaking? That's absurd.

I suggest a compromise as it seems more functional: let the representatives of the Circles and cities who are entitled to vote at the Assembly sit a bit closer to the ones leading the circle (the Sages, their assistants like those from the Dynastic Circles and their special guests) so that it will be easier to see them when they stand up and to overview their votings.

4. I am still very much against naming an Orator instead of the Sage/s who is/are leading the Assemblies. I have named the reasons already. We have seen that no Orator was needed until now, as the Sages have led the Assemblies. Wanting to reduce their importance for Assemblies shows grave disrespect I believe.

Could it be you are so used to being the Orator for your city, Awakene Fey-Lin Liang, that you want to lead also the national Assemblies now and be able to command others if or when to speak like the Akenak enjoys doing? Your way of phrasing your suggestions with "shall" and "may" seems to indicate that you are used to giving commands to troops, as do your strict and military-like suggestions for the political Assemblies.

5. what about "bringing back calm" or "moderating"? This is not necessary. Do you really believe that silence and waiting just for the purpose of waiting are some kind of Zorai principles? Nobody on Atys can "interrupt" others, and nobody can drown out voices of others. Everyone is clearly heard. Just not the voices of those that an Orator might wish to order to be silent like the Akenak tries to do of course...

It is not a sign of disrespect to reply to someone when you think s/he has finished talking; which happens often. If a dialogue picks up speed - even after putting up hands and being called up! - then translators will not be able to keep up as it has already happened before. This is not a matter of "speaking order" at all, but rather of speaking speed.


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