[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Kamia'ata laï-ho'i,

Here is my own proposal :
  • Firstly, an agenda, or list of topics, has to be commonly made and announced, enough time before the day of the Assembly so that attendance can work on any announced subject in advance.
  • The Assembly has to examine each Circle in the following priority order : Defense Circle (priority to any threat, wether it may be homins, kitins or Goo), Exploration Circle (including diplomatic relations with outsider entities), Dynastic Circle, construction Circle, Spirituality Circle.
  • On the day of the Assembly, each participant has to show his title related to the Theocracy, and take place, siting down, according to his Circle by the criterions of the Theocracy (look at his : first chapter)
    This shall look like this :
  • Exceptionally, some homins not belonging to the Theocracy may sit amongst Initiates, particularly foreign ambassadors, in order to facilitate their speaking.
  • The assembly shall be directed by an Orator, whose charge will be to announce the beginning of the Assembly, its agenda (list of topics), ask for and take into account its possible modification, announce the different Circles and their topic, eventually intervene to bring back calm or moderate the discussions so that, in particular, translators have time to accomplish their mission, and finally, annouce the end of the Assembly. The Orator shall be choosen amongst attending Sages, Awakened or Initiates by consensus before the Assembly begins.
  • A report (ooc : germans often use the english term "protocol" which seems not to have the same meaning as their "Protokol", or at least, "protocole" in french exists but is far from the same meaning, let's avoid cross-language confusion) shall be written in each dialect by rapporteurs, who shall introduce themselves after the Orator is deisgnated.
  • Translaters shall introduce themsleves after the Rapporteurs, before the beginning of the Assembly
  • Speaking shall happen by turn, with scrupulous respect for the speaking time of previous one. One shall stand up to speak, and sit down to show he has finished. Anyone willing to speak shall stand up to indicate this, and shall wait the previous speaker to sit-down (and translations to be done) before beginning himself.
  • Only one person may stand to ask for speaking while someone else is speaking already. In case more than one people stand up at the same time, one of them shall sit-down to let priority to the other, in worst case according to the order of the Circle they belong to, by criterions of theTheocracy. If no one would give up, the the Orator shall intervene to designate who would be the next to speak. The Orator has the right to intervene at any time to give speech rights to anyone before others, in particular to allow someone from a lesser Circle to speak, preventing him to wait and pass turn too often
  • In case of excessively long debates, the Orator has the authority to interrupt and propose to report the topic, so that next topics may be examinated. the proposal has to be approved by the Sages and Awakened

I want to precise that according to me, allowing such freedom to speak as you proposed; Zhoi, would make the task of translators completely impossible, as everyone would speak without waiting that everyone else has been able to understand. This would be particularly disrespectful, and lead to exclude homins who may not speak more than their own dialect.

Fey-Lin Liang

[ooc : another thing, making too much things depending on the Event Team shoulder's shall be avoided as soon as possible so that they can focus on events. So for example, we shall not expect from them to set the list of topics, lead all assemblies and more ...]


Fey-Lin Liang
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