[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

4. distinguishing speakers

As our Assemblies are normally easy to overview it seems to be a good idea if the ones wanting to talk for more than just a short comment would stand up and then will sit down again after being done. This makes it easier to recognize the right moment when a speaker has finished a longer argument, request or pleading. Still small comments or mere approvals should be allowed to be expressed without longwinded deeds or restrictions, so Homins will not hesitate to speak up because of too many rules troubling them.

5. the role of the listeners

Neither representatives nor audience should be forced to stay silent to "let others talk" nor to keep discussions "calm". By that not only time will be wasted but also the audience will feel forced to resort to different methods like gestures or murmurs to express their opinions in time. On Atys nobody can "interrupt" someone else, nor can anyone drown out voices of others. Everyone is still clearly head. So let's make use of this benefit. And I want to stress that Homins shall never be forced to merely think their comments instead of voicing them.

Silence and quiescent do not have anything to do with the values of our people. Meditation is not the right principle to be put first at a political Assembly that should instead serve the purpose of working out political decisions. It is much wiser to talk and be informed thoroughly first and to meditate about it afterwards and before the next Assembly to phrase arguments wisely. And even to know about how Homins feel about things can be a valuable information for political matters, so everyone should feel motivated to talk.

Having to wait does not make anyone wiser. And it is no requirement for wisdom to take one's time. Just a few minutes or mere seconds of thinking about what to say cannot make arguments significally "better" anyway; especially when in reality there is no time to think but instead one listenes what is said by others during this waiting period, perhapes even getting distracted by that. Being tardy and waiting silently for a long time before doing anything is definitely not a part of wisdom, not even to speak of a necessary one.

All in all holding on to detrimental settled habits, and perhaps even calling them "traditions" mereley to justify the laziness to think them over is the exact opposite of wisdom. Times are changing and in the name of wisdom customs sometimes have to change with time little by little to be able to serve their purpose.

That would be all, thank you for reading and considering these proposals.


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