[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

3. choosing speakers

Nobody should be forced to first raise their hands and afterwards to wait humbly to be called up. All that waiting has already caused too many Assemblies to be extremely extended and/or has even led to leaving topics unadressed - just like it happened at the last Assembly in Zora. Wisdom is to learn from experience.

To postpone the discussion of important events just because of having wasted too much time by waiting doing nothing is not tolerable. The grave consequence might very well be that our Nation could be overrun by invasions or hit hard by catastrophes that have not been prevented in time just because our Assemblies has not been able to properly discuss the upcoming threats timely. We cannot have that happen.

Another disadvantage of raising hands and waiting is that it's just too easy to overlook someone or to scramble up the order of those who have put up their hands; so Homins might feel mistreated. Also waiting a bit too long before calling Homins up can often make their input harder if the topic has already slightly changed while they had been waiting And shy Homins might not even dare to put up their hands or miss the right timing to do so; such we could miss important information. This is an important worry that I want to stress; because instead we should encourage Homins to participate..

At the Assembly of the Akenak, but also at the Assembly of the Taliari (!), ignoring hands that were up in the air for a long time and not wanting to hear information from specific Homins has already been viewed as as a method to exclude unwelcome opinions, to show vilification to Homins or to even shut out "unwanted" facts (like the Akenak did not want to hear about what has happened in Yrkanis). If we Zorai also forced others to first have to raise their hands and then to wait patiently for a call-up it might give some Homins the impression that we also might want to abuse these rules, since Homins have already experienced others doing so.

Also leaving too many silent breaks bores the audience, might drive Homins to leave Assemblies early or could make them not even show up at the next Assembly at all. And there have already been complaints like that. All of these consequences are extremely problematic. Instead it would be wiser to gather all interested Homins and encourage them to share informations - according to the Zorai-value of knowledge/teaching, so well-rounded decisions can be made by the Circles.


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