[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang sees a relocation of a large amount of species to other places than their natural region as endangering the equlibrium of nature; and she also views the Kitins as a threat to the equilibrium. Still she views natural magnetism as a phenomenon belonging to the equilibrium of nature; while the Karavan modify magnetism which then threatens the equilibrium.

Daomei Lin Carthan stressed that magnetism could still put the balance of nature in danger, and Initiate Altamira also viewed the treatment of the termites with magic potions as worrisome. While fire can occur naturally on Atys (flaming forest, pyrophoric sap) and is the main means to fight the Goo, the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang sees fire as a manifestation of the void. The Awakened differenciates between fire that is produced by magic, also used by the Kami, and the fire that homins make by using wood, oil and sap for instance (as campfire was made with alchemy).

My humble self stressed that the Zorai will not be able to talk the Rangers out of their plans with the termites. But it might be possible to persuade the other Nations of a better solution, if we can find such a solution in time. Sadly our fate now lies in the hands of the magnetic order and the tribes we have addressed with letters. They are supposed to set dates so we can visit them. It is a pity that the open letters have not been used to come to conclusions faster; we could have talked to the tribes much sooner then. I already proposed to visit the Gibads and ask them about the kitin-mounds on Mystia 17th in the first cylcle of AtysYear 2572 (March 4th) to Min-Cho and Jen-Lai.

We could not calm all of our worries. The Rangers have already made clear that they will respect the wishes of the Theocracy and will not experiment with termites in the Witherings. Still individuals could bring some of those termites into the Withering - by accident or even willingly. We can only hope that the Rangers will guard their experimental termite mounds well. As long as the tunnels are there the Kitins can invade us anytime easily, so we should act as quickly as possible. Also nobody knows if Goo might already be spreading through those kitin-tunnels below the bark. Hopefully it does not, even though Goo has been found in the Kitin-lair lately coming from the blackmoors.

In the end we did not reach a conclusion other than the ones already in motion. And with that the Assembly ended.


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