[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang stressed that having to wait before speaking would ensure that people would think carefully and take their time to be as relevant as possible. And she said that Zoraï take time for wisdom before speaking.

In the community of Hoi-Cho public announcements have not been read by the dynastic circle or the Sages (which still seems that way; even letters are not being read in time, not to speak of ever being replied to), so that has proved to be a waste of time and effort. For a long time there haven't been enough representatives to appoint a speaker for each circle; and the importance of Awakened has dwindled because of their small number. The topics to discuss haven't been addressed by their circles but by decision of the representatives.

Waiting for everyone to put up their hand, being called up and then to finish their sometimes longwinded reasoning without interruption has cost so much time that Assemblies of Hoi-Cho lasted for many hours back in the old times and even then topics had to be postponed. So that was changed - letting everyone talk whenever they wanted to proved to be much more efficient. Letting the audience talk freely and even encouraging them to talk brought together a lot of informations that helped the Circles with their decisions. The writing of protocols for the community of Hoi-Cho was done by whoever took on that unwanted task.

On the other hand even being called up cannot prevent speakers from interrupting topics with unfitting comments anyway, as we have seen at the Rangers's Assembly for example. At the Akenak and also at the Assembly of Taliari we have experienced that orators either unintentionally or deliberately can overlook or even exclude homins - and such their information - by not calling them up. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang protested against comparing them to the Zorai because of the different political structure of the Nations.

Initiate Valandrine pointed out that rules are means to an end, so the goals should first be agreed on; and for these ends efficiency will be needed just as much as order and ceremony. Initiate Altamira also approved of this. The Sage Sens sugested that all concepts should be written down in propositions to be compared, to maybe find compromises or a synthesis; or at least to have a vote about them.


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