[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

No news from the Sages nor from the Dynastic Circle about these requests as well:

* law against the handling with Goo:
The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang wanted two additions to be made to the Goo-law. One should state that Goo is not to be seen as a "good" nor "ware" to be handled or transported by merchants. The other one was supposed to somehow point out that the law "cannot not be reducing the value of Preservation of Nature and Atys, which shall prevail on this law". Unfortunately the Awakened did not have the time to add this article herself yet nor to answer my question about a suggestion how to phrase this addition. There was also a suggestion to inform people how to handle Goo without risking contamination

* fighting the Goo in the Witherings:
A request was addressed to the Sages to enable homins and Zorai to reward actions against the Goo, like the existing Goo at the rims of the Witherings, examples for how and where to fight Goo were particularized

* meeting with the tribes Ancient Dryads, Gibads and Siblings of the Weed and the order of magnetism
The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang has written a letter to the two tribes in the Verdant Heights as well as to Master Gioi Qiai-zhan, to set dates for visiting them. Another letter was sent to the Gibads since personal visits during regular patrols did not lead to them agreeing on a date for a visit

* ceremonies about the second Great Swarming of Min-Cho and Hoi-Cho:
Min-Cho's Awakened Astarth has planned to meet with one of the Sages (most likely Saison/Season) to plan their city's ceremony. Hoi-Cho has suggested a ceremony on Pluvia 6th in the third cycle of AtysYear 2571 (January 25th 2013) and since then reminded the Sages twice about this matter by sending Izams and also mentioning it at the last Assembly

* constitution of the Theocracy
A new constitution for our Nation is in the making by the Sages, the article about voting-rights at Assemblies was specified as a last topic. The Sage Sens has planned to send all representative of the Circles a draft thereof


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