[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

There was no news from the Sages nor from the Dynastic Circle about a number of requests:

* founding an Academy in Zora:
The Sage Sens planned to ask existing institutions, scholars and scientists of the Witherings if they would like to have or establish an Academy that would like a central council for them

* putting up a sign board in Zora:
The Sage Sens has agreed to ask carpenters about the possibility to establish a public information board that could be used by representatives of the city could use to announce informations about events and the like between the stables and the trainers

* a new spot for "to new Horizons" in Zora:
The functionaries of the Dynastic Circle were assigned to decide about a new place for the transporter of the Tryker-company "to New Horizons" in Zora to be move to, preferably close to the stables

* list of public institutions and according contact persons of the Witherings:
The Sage Sens has agreed to forward this request but cannot promise that this list can contain all institutions in existance since some of the are still reorganising. A list of suggestion about possible institutions has repeatedly being posted on the boards and written in a letter to the Sages and Dynastic Circle

* burial-rites of the Zorai and the meaning of the "cemetries":
The Sages wanted to see if either an expert explaining the traditions of the Zorai to tend to the deceased could be invited to a future Assembly of the Circles or perhaps documents can be presented


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