[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Circle of Defense:

* plans concerning the kintin-mounds and -tunnels

The Rangers still pursue their plans of searching for usable termites and brewing potions to stimulate them into eating the remains of the kitin-mounds of the second Great Swarming and the kitin-tunnels underneath. The Rangers said that they are in contact with the governments of all nations and already know of the Zorai being against testing their solutions in the Witherings. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang voiced her disappointment about the behaviour of the Rangers towards the worries of the Zorai.

The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho mentioned that he hadn't received any letters concerning this topic. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang has translated a letter of the Awakened Astarth to master Gioi Qiai-Zhan of the Order of Magnetism in Jen-Lai, asking about magnetic means to deal with kitin-mounds and -tunnels. My humble self suggested to talk with Master Reka who teaches magnetic cartography on the same day a delegation of the Zorai will visit the Gibads to ask about their suggestions about how to close the kitin-tunnels. The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang also wished to ask tribes in the Verdant Heights: the Ancient Dryads and the Siblings of the Weed.

Scout Daomei Lin Carthan spoke up, claiming that the Atys Rangers should not be demonized, since they would never act on the territory of any nation without their consent. She also seemed unhappy about the arguments of Fey-Lin Liang against using termites because of the eliquilibrium of nature and that termites should not be treated as mere test subjects. Daomei warned the Zorai that the Witherings might be the only or last nation left with intact kitin-tunnels if the Rangers succeed with their plan first which might put the jungle at risk.

The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang opined that a meeting with the Gibads has to be prepared, which my humble self disagreed with. Especially since the Awakened stated to not need any preparations to meet with the Ancient Dryads and Siblings of the Weed all by herself. My humble self wished for all homins interested in this topic to accompany the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang and to be able to meet with these tribes as well. The two tribes in the Verdant Heights could at least be visited by the search party for an abducted Initiate on their way.

In the end the Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho decided to wait for a reply by master Gioi Qiai-Zhan of the Magnetic Order of Jen-Lai first of all, and also to contact the tribes in question to ask them for an official visit. The tribes shall then propose dates for visits according to their own schedules.


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