[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

* public information board in Zora
The Awakened Fey-Lin Liang has asked for either a notice board or an herold who would inform interested homins about local evenst like the ceremonies for the Second Great Swarming or the seasonal endowment of Jen-Lai. The Awakened stated that she did not mean notice boards explaining the political systems, most important laws and political guilds like those that have been put up long ago in all capitals.

The Sage Sens explained that it would be possible to install a sign that could be updated by the representatives of the three cities and such would should show all important notifications for the Witherings. Fey-Lin Liang wished for this sign to be put up between the stables and the trainers. The representatives will be informed via Izam if and when this sign can be made by carpenters of Zora.

* transporter of New Horizons in Zora
The Tryker-company "To New Horizons" wished to know where their transporter should be placed since a relocation had been asked of them. The original request by Hoi-Cho has been to move it "close to the stables" of Zora. This time a location between the stables and the south entrance was suggested because of good visiblity for newcomers and the notice-board that will be put up between trainers and stables. The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho decided that the functionaries of the Dynastic Circle shall choose a suitable location close to the stables.

* list of public institutions
The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho wished to know the reasons to get a list of public institutions that my humble self has requested. A list of possible institutions has been sent to the Sages and also made public by open letters for some Atys-years already. Still the Sage mentioned that some things would be touching private documents of the administration. So my humble self gave my reasons: so that all three cities would have the same informations about these institutions that might formerly have been different for all of us.

The contact persons of these institutions should be known to all of the cities to be able to communicate with them properly via izam or invitation to assemblies. Also other countries would surely benefit from this knowledge, just like our representatives have also written letters to the Academies of Pyr in the past for instance. It might not be bad to put informations like these on the notice boards in the future too like the Fyros once had.

The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho said that he will forward this request - but without any guarantees that all existing institutions can be listed because some of them are still reorganizing after the Second Exodus.


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