[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Letter to the Sages:

This is what I asked our honored Council of Elders via an Izam to the Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho:

A) about public / official institutions in the jungle and the according contact persons

* the large library in Zora - is its existence known to all three cities?And is there a responsible homin who might be contacted if documents from the library are needed?
* Mabreka Cho's personal healer Tao Sian - is she well-known to everyone?
* we know of three generals of the Guild of Cho: Chan Ce-Jian (Jen-Lai), Dachi Han (Min-Cho) and Chai Tii-Van (Hoi-Cho) - are these our contact persons for the troops? Is there a commanding general perhaps for the Zorai-army?
* Scholars and researchers (like those who analyzed the goo-samples before the second Great Swarming came over us) - is there a contact-person too who would speak for those scholars and researchers?
* is there a state prison (some people like Nung Horongi have been imprisoned once I reckon)?
* are the wooden memorial stones (like behind the Kami altar in Zora) cemeteries? Are homins buried there?
* do these institutions exist anywhere in the jungle: emergency food storage, birthing centers, kindergartens, schools, universities, homeless shelters, nursing homes, theaters, museums, zoos, botanical gardens, any kind of institutions or facilities for arts and crafts, public baths (maybe a certain pond in the cities of intuition?)?

B) are there official funeral rites of us Zoraï?

C) voting rights in the Theocracy

* at the first national Assembly of the Great Circles in Zora there was one exemplary political vote - one vote per initiated guild, cast by one of their representatives. Will this continue to be our usual way for official votings or is there a possibility to establith different voting-rules?
* will there be a referendum like before for building temples in the jungle? Who would be considered as eligible to vote for this? (Or might this be decided by the work done by homins for the temples?) So can we expect an election for a possible Jena Temple?

Note: I also asked if the Zorai people or Circles will have a say when it comes to the locations of the temples, but lately there have been indicators that this will not be possible (technically, as the priests do not function so well when being placed anywhere else than at the old temple-sites).

D. fighting the Goo (event proposal)

I again suggested to the Sages the idea of the wise Awakened Sartyrica Gū Niang Yèguāngyún to officially let us fight against the existing Goo at the rims of the Witherings. A possible idea would be to start a similar research as the one when the Goo has spread before the second Great Swarming. Or to visit specific spots at the goo-edges daily to collect samples. Or to collect and deliver different types of goo (mission-materials). Or it might even be interesting to use/disrupt the Goo-sources (goo-spitting mounds) at the enemy tribes in the Witherings. Else other materials might be collected just as well, for whatever researches made by Zorai-scholars.

E. ambassador for the Zoraï theocracy

We have not yet decided about an or more official ambassador/s for the Zoraï. Is it allowed to elect more than one ambassador, like different ones for certain other nations?

F. ceremony of Hoi-Cho: memorial path for the second Great Swarming

Hoi-Cho made a suggestion for a ceremony concerning the second Great Swarming and the return to the New Lands. It was already made on 6 Pluvia in the 2nd Cycle of 2571 (OOC: January 7th 2013). In my letter to the Sages I asked them once again whether this idea would be practicably at all.

Jen Lai has already held their ceremony, Initiate Astarth as the representative of Min-Cho has personally met a Sage, but no Sage has responded to the idea of Hoi-Cho. However Hoi-Cho will need the help of officials to accomplish this ceremony…

This letter was first sent to the Sages 2 years (OOC 4 weeks) ago, the Sage Sens confirmed its receipt on Fallenor 16th in the second cycle of Atys-Year 2572 (OOC: March 19th 2013).


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