Petition for akenos Icus to retract his statements

*As soon as she has finished reading Zhoi immediately writes her own letter on expensive bark-paper for official causes, sends it to Arrlon and also pins a copy of said letter on the black boards*

Akenos Arrlon,

You know that I have always respected you, and maybe even more than that; as you have never failed at being a most honorable Fyros with an honest and strong heart in my eyes. I sincerely hope that this won't or even cannot ever change.

However I have to beseech and warn you: please observe utmost caution with your new "friends", Akenos Arrlon! You obviously fell for their lies and interpretation of my words, which saddens me. But these people might very likely pull you into a lot more trouble in the near future; and I dearly hope that this won't be more trouble than you can bear.

Well as for your suggestion: in my open letter to Icus I have stated towards him and Akenos Gunbra:
if the honored Sharükos Lykos should feel that I have insulted him or the Fyros people I will of course bend my knee willingly and apologize to him as it was definitely not my intention to offend him nor the Fyros people, and I would indeed be sincerely sorry if I had given this impression.
I will of course stand true to my word, if the Sharükos himself sends for me.

However I will just ignore matters if that same apology should be demanded from me by the Akenak as self-acclaimed "speakers for the Sharükos" but in truth only speaking on Icus' or just their own personal behalf. I have unmistakably experienced that this current Akenak is not to be trusted.

Oh, and if Icus, Rollocks and/or Akenos Gunbra should feel that I have somehow insulted them as homins... that they freely may - if they continue to insist on interpreting my words however they please.

Let's not forget that I for my part still demand an official apology (!) for slandering and spreading false rumors about my person and acting by you, Akenos Arrlon - if the Sharükos should not feel that I had offended him and/or the Fyros as a people.

Representative of the Circles of Hoi-Cho


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