[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Protocol for the (fourth) Hoï-Cho Circle Assembly on Fallenor 16th in the first cycle of Atys-Year 2572 (OOC: March 1st 2013)

The honored Sage Sens (Gangi Cheng-Ho), representative of the dynastic circle Initiate Zhienkao Pai-Du, Guild of Cho-general Chaoi Tii-Van, representative of Jen-Lai Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, represantative of Hoi-Cho Zhoi, "Akenos" Rollocks, Akenos Gunbra Celips, representative from Davae Filira D'Avarron, representative from Davae Filira Salazar Caradini, representative from Windemeer Taliar Chanchey Breggan, Ex-Akenak Rasaya Di Carlo, representatives from Windemeer Wasari Kealey-Abygrian, Lunamoon Lyseus, Yussif and Hekate, Lucia from Dyron, Ardaz of the guild "The Outsiders" (residents of Hoi-Cho?), Geyos of the guild Les Brasseurs d'Oflovak, resident of the Witherings Irfidel , resident of Hoi-Cho Sari Sarissa

Agenda of conference:
* renewal of the question about official buildings/institutions of the Witherings and their respective contact persons
+ renewal of the petition to build/establish an academy of Zora (first proposed on Pluvia 6th in the 2nd cycle of 2571 (OOC: January 7th 2013)
+ question about the burial-rites of the Zorai / cities of amber
* renewal of the questions about the rights to vote for official occasions and maybe "national referendums"
+ renewal of the question about the position of the coming re-erection of kitin-watchposts/-towers - done
* petition: struggle against the existing Goo (Event-proposal)
* petition: detailled phrasing of an official law against the handling/selling of Goo in the Witherings (again)
* question about the organisation NASA and their researches/handling of Goo - done for now
* fixing a date to reward 6 homins for deciphering a text concerning the Goo - done for now
* number of initiated (Zorai-loyal) guilds of Hoi-Cho: the count as of now remains 01, another two possible
* constitution of Hoi-Cho: postponed again since the Awakened Sartyrica fell ill
* question about the moving of the transporter of "to new horizons" in Zora - in progress
* support for Daeronn Cegrips and finding " stimulating" potions? Asking the Gibads (only when consented to by Min-Cho and Jen-Lai) and the Academy of Yrkanis. No actual actions will be undertaken before a permission by Min-Cho and Jen-Lai though
* Tryker: deciphering old Zorai-documents about a "treasure" in Aeden Aqueous - in progress
* Matis: question about rights to congratulate Karan Stevano (granted), question about supporting (or not) the Matis in their fight against the Marauders if needed (will see) - done for now
* messages from Min-Cho as told by the Sage Sens
* question about ambassadors for the Witherings (how many are allowed; for different nations/cities?)
* Fyros: cooperative building of wells (or not) - in progress
* Fyros: diplomatic conflicts - decided by the Sage Sens: Akenos Rollocks shall understand his ejection from the assembly of Hoi-Cho as an official reprimanding, private talk between Akenak-members and Zhoi is suggested together with a mediator before official steps will be taken
* diplomatic talk with the respected Awakened Fey-Lin Liang about a meeting of city-representatives - no date was set yet

+ question about the petition (first proposed on Pluvia 6th in the 2nd cycle of 2571 (OOC: January 7th 2013)) on the ceremony "devotional path" of Hoi-Cho concerning the second Great Swarming

The questions and petitions will this time be sent as letters to the Sages so they can take their time in deciding about their answers and that all three cities of amber can afterwards be informed exactly identically about the decisions of our respected superiors/mentors.

The represantatives of Min-Cho and Jen-Lai will be contacted by open letters on their city - notice boards to inform them about what has been proposed and said by the represantatives of Hoi-Cho. Perhaps it might prove necessary to also write personal letters and send them via izam to all of the representatives of the Shi'zui that had introduced themselves or were mentioned at the national assembly of the Great Circles in Zora.

A very detailled protocol about what has been said during the assembly, about the phrasing of petitions and questions to the Sages and layouts of other plans can be found written in the dialect of Hoi-Cho at the notice boards of Hoi-Cho itself: #225


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