[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Daomei reads and shrugs in disbelief.
Again, after sharükos said he wanted to hear new opinions, i've asked Feylin, Luth and Salazar to share their though with us. I couldn't ask the whole assembly, but at least 3 representatives from the 3 other nation.
Sharükos Lykos asked the represantants of the other nations about their views, not the whole assembly. Akenos Icus seemed to feel entitled to hand-pick the foreign ambassadors he wanted to respond and censor others. I fail to see that the sharükos wanted him to do so. At best he might have asked the foreign ambassadors whether they all wanted to respond or only one per nation. It is a disrespect to the sharükos as well as to the foreign nations when their right to express themselves is preselected and censored that way.

Daomei recalls, as other visitors of Fyros assemblies, other times and customs of the Fyros people, where everybody was accepted to speak out. That the foreign representatives had their say was self-evident.

Beneath that, the assembly location was a disgrace. Daomei has a long professional carrier as a bodyguard, protector of voyagers and guardian of treks. She was extremely shocked finding herself on a crowded balcony few inches afar from the head of the empire of the burning desert.

Daomei had come that close to the late Sharükos Dexton only once when she was honored for services rendered to the empire and the imperial family. Even then, she was the only one to come that close, and some guards and members of the burning faces guild were standing nearby, with the indifferent facial expression Daomei knew so well from her own practice, well aware that it meant utter vigilance and readiness to act immediately.

While picking on other peoples, certain fyros seem to neglect even elementary rules of security, as if the assassination of Still Wyler had never happened. Were the burning faces informed about this arrangement? Daomei cannot imagine as she knows about their dedication and professionality.

There were times when Fyros assemblies took place in the open space behind the Imperial hall. There, the Akenak placed themselves on the stage, some guards between them and the audience, Senators and members of the imperial family also took their places there. In the first row of the audience, the foreign diplomats took place, and other homins as far as the space allowed. Behind them the rest of the audience found places, without crowding and complexities.

The recent assembly place lacks functionality as well as dignity for such public events. It may be sufficient if the Akenak or other officials assemble in closed sessions. The security risks remain. The hall is a multiple story building, and it is well known that magic, and even some ranged weapon fire, may penetrate walls, especially but not exclusively vertically. While that is frowned upon or even banned in combat, an assassin will hardly be impressed by such rules.

Daomei sighs: Instead of picking on foreign nationals, it would be better for the Fyros people to care for obvious security risks.


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