[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

*Icus pins a note*

oren pyr Zoraïs,
i didn't wanted to answer again to this futile debate Zhoi started, but some things needs to be cleared. Maybe Zhoi understood the pillar of akash, even if i don't agree with that, but she definitively not understood the pillar of talen.

During the assembly, i've warned the audience about the speaking-rule, when we were speaking of the imperial turnament. I don't see how you can say we didn't tell them this. My amber cube contains the following sentences :
Icus dit : And if you aren't akenos, you aren't allowed to speak before we allow you
Icus dit : there's way too many spectator for everybody to speak in the same time

Again, after sharükos said he wanted to hear new opinions, i've asked Feylin, Luth and Salazar to share their though with us. I couldn't ask the whole assembly, but at least 3 representatives from the 3 other nation.

I don't see when i contradicted my sharükos after he said the law won't be suitable. I only said we will need to speak of the treaty because a lot of things changed since the exodus, and he agreed on this point.

To finish, i will quote one of my ancestors : "Leave the fyros business to the fyros. If there is a problem between one and sharükos, sharükos will settle it himself. sharükos does not need the help of foreigns to rule his country. The treaty says that interference in other nation isn't allowed. We aren't coming to your assembly saying you are insulting your leader or criticize your coutums. Do the same, this is elementary respect.


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