[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

*Zhoi pins another note to the protocols*

(OOC: no, please don't apologize for your "exaggeration"! I meant to say that this idea was creative and fascinating in my eyes - I really appreciate interesting dialogs like that :) )

Gunbra Celips,

You might be able to remember that none of the officials at the assembly in Pyr told the audience of such rules that you now suddenly mention! If those kind of "traditions" should even exist... Do you and the other Akenak-members expect every visitor to be able to read your mere wishes from your eyes? Do you really know nothing about the biological limits of homins?

You know that when I was talking to the audience the honored Sharükos Lykos was standing at only two Zorai-arms length away on the same balcony as myself to my right side. So your ruler who must have heard my words decided that my question was not against whatever kind of "rules" - as he didn't call me to order.

Do you really wish to contradict this decision of your Sharükos (again) by now suddenly claiming that my commenting question has been an "insult"? Is that how you honor your Emperor?

Well, I have listened carefully to the words that were spoken during the assembly. Even after your respectable Emperor had decided that an official alliance of Fyros-guilds for the domination of outposts in the desert would be not suitable (because of breaking of the Treaty of the Four Nations) your beloved Icus STILL contradicted your Sharükos words and went on arguing. And since with that my worries started so I might unconciously said one or two thoughts out loud. But I definitely never laughed at anyone!

My question if Icus aspired to be the next Emperor the way he spoke and acted could be seen as a neutral or even complimenting comment. Why didn't you think: "So Icus speaks and acts like the Emperor himself, what a praise!"? Or: "So Icus is seen suitable to be the next Emperor, this is a great laudation!"? Why did you choose to think that this question was "insulting" or an "attack" instead? Does this not insult Icus and perhaps even the Sharükos?

If anyone contradicts the word of his or her ruler by not wanting to honor the Treaty of Four Nations any longer this immediately becomes the "business" of all representatives for their countries! Because this is a clear sign that someone thinks of endangering peace and old alliances. And so someone had to check how large or small this danger really was or is. Which I did, as a duty to my people and government.

I am sorry to say that Icus has sunk in my respect during the assembly while contradicting the words of his Emperor repeatedly. After the Sharükos had wanted to hear other countries' statements, only wango-ko Awakened Fey-Lin Liang was called. It seemed at that time Icus already tried to ignore the hands of Azad, Filira Salazar Caradini and myself, so we had to speak up without being adressed in person...

After that I did not respect Icus enough anymore to again raise my hand and wait to hopefully be allowed to speak - as that would have been a sign of bowing to Icus' "permission". I could not possibly lower myself before someone showing such an imagined superior air before his ruler and questioning the Treaty of the Four Nations. That was why I privately had to ask the audience around me (including the Sharükos who stood close) about Icus' stand or rank compared to the Sharükos, instead of making this an official issue. I was practically forced to do so since I could not trust Icus any longer who did not act honorably.

I could have done this more "politely"? Like... how?

Icus hinself said his way to talk to his Sharükos was seen as respectful. I did not act less "respectful" towards Icus in my eyes - since I was just asking questions. And was insulted for that right away. It seems to me that Icus, Rollocks and maybe you yourself can dish it out but can't take it - you seemingly cannot cope with being treated the same way in which you treat others. Is this your honor, your strength?

As you can see there is nothing I did that requires an apology.
Instead it is your turn to take back your false accusations.

Representative of the Circles of Hoi-Cho


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