[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

(ooc: my german is too bad to check your translation, but you have my confidence for this ^^ And yes the insult against the sharükos is definitively a little bit … exaggeration ^^)

*Gunbra read Zhoi's note: humm... I really need to answer once more at this!
Dear Zhoi,

You persist once again in your ignorance of our traditions. In the fyros assemblies the only one who ara authorized to speak are the akenak, the senators and the sharükos. each other homins wishing to speak need to raise his hand and wait until one of the akenak, senators or the sharükos himself of course.

Obviously, when someone break this simple and very common law, we will never respond to him. If you think that as a Zoraï representative you worth better than our traditions, that respecting them is a problem, you are definitely not welcome at pyr and one of the worst ambassador I ever seen, besides the matis.

Icus has never against the sharükos will. He has given our point of view, and the sharükos has made his decision. More we usually choose an akenak to lead the assembly, giving the right to speak to those who requested it, giving the subjects and launching the votes. We think it is more practical and don't see the point of an ambassador laughing at it.

You wrote: "You know very well that I merely asked questions about the relation between Icus and the honored Sharükos Lykos". Yes I know. And I know too that it is none of your business. I strongly disapproves stranger coming to teach us how to speak during our official assemblies. And if you really wanted to, you could have done this more politely, rather than accusing Icus to be "self-confindent" and if he "aspires to be the next Emperor". That is not a polite asking, that is an attack!

All ambassadors are welcome to Pyr, but they need to follow our traditions. You just acted as if you, as a Zorai representives, we need to accept your way of doing this. As long as you are in our lands, you need to follow our laws and ways.

Gunbra Celips
Akenos of Thesos
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