[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

(ooc: I have translated your letter to German and have tried my best to keep the meaning of your words. Besides it is an interesting idea to interpret Zhoi's words as an insult to the Sharükos :) Still Zhoi will have to pick this argument to pieces of course...)

*Zhoi pins a note to this open letter*

Gunbra Celips, I demand of you to take back your false accusations at once!

You know very well that I asked the question you mentioned during the assembly loud enough to give everyone present - the Sharükos, the Akenak, the Senate - an opportunity to answer. Nobody reacted. I did not see my question as making fun of Icus. I wonder why you do? I was not called to order, so seemingly most of your officials did not misunderstand me. Besides a lot of homins mumured all kinds of things amongst them during the assembly, not me alone. Raising my hand and meekly hoping that someone like Icus would "allow" me to speak? Am I a "little gingo sucking up" to Icus? No way.

As you know I also DID indeed talk openly and directly to Icus about my irritations after the meeting as nobody reacted to them before - so there was no "snake tongue" at all. If you, Icus and Rollocks cannot even take the slightest hint of objection/contradiction without resorting to fierce verbal attacks at once - isn't this a sign of pitiful weakness of spirit?

No, I definitely did not insult your Sharükos nor the Fyros people! Not by even one word.

I did question the way (not the person) Icus was acting - because of the danger that might occur if Icus continues to go against the Sharükos' will which could endanger our alliance. You seemingly didn't understand my true objectives behind my questions, which does not surprise me at all though.

Icus and Rollocks did definitely spout harsh insults about some of the typical features of all Zorai that they haven't taken back. They and you only made matters worse during the past days; especially Rollocks at our assembly of Hoi-Cho, in front of the Sage Sens, brother to our most respected Mabreka Cho.

Well, Rollocks was kicked out because of his inexcusable behaviour that was the opposite to the valued Fyrotic principle of discipline. I am not angered by that, au contraire! By all of this more and more homins on Atys can see what kind of people you three really are and will hopefully stop supporting your high-handedness by accepting it silently as they seemingly did for too long.

I ask of you, Gunbra, to learn to stay true to your Fyrotic principle of truth more than to interpret my words as their complete opposite. You know very well that I merely asked questions about the relation between Icus and the honored Sharükos Lykos - and about Icus towards us Zorai as a people - that you alone now try to interpret with laughable effort to bend my words to make them seem like an insult towards Sharükos Lykor or even towards all Fyros.

There is no way I would ever apologize for something that only happened in your imagination. Next time will you come to me, telling me that you lent me a thousand dappers in your dream and now want them back?

I demand you to take back your lies about me, especially the pure fiction that I was insulting the Sharükos or the Fyros as a people.

Representative of the Circles of Hoi-Cho


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