[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

The circles of Hoi-Cho receive a letter from the akenos Gunbra

[ooc]In this letter I will try to be polite with the use of titles and naming conventions, but I could make some mistakes, because of my english level. my apologizes[/ooc]

Dear zorai people

During our last assembly in pyr, we (akenak Icus, akenak Rollocks and myself, akenak Gunbra) had an argument with your representative ambassador Zhoi.

The griefs we have:
1) During the assembly, ambassador was making a laugh toward akenak Icus. I don't think it's the way that zorais do politics, but maybe I'm wrong. An ambassador coming and insulting our representatives not in front of them is not the best way to gain respect. If she had something to say, she could ask to speak, and confront Icus openly. We fyros dislike snake tongues, and I expect from an ambassador to understand that.
2) After the assembly, the ambassador provoked us again by insulting both our akenak Icus and our beloved sharükos Lykos.
3) It's not the place of any ambassadors to learn us how to speak and how to show our loyalty to our sharükos. This point is between us and our sharükos! The sharükos ask us to counsel him, and it is our duty to say what we have to say until he made his decision!

I understand that you made a mistake by sending someone who can't obviously understand our people, our ways and our traditions. But by insulting us first, the ambassador Zhoi lost all respect that could a guest receive. All we have seen, is an ambassador coming with insults in her mouth and waiting to be treated as a queen. Even the matis ambassador was less arrogant, usually it is their manners.

But I don't see ambassador Zhois's mistake as a mistake of the Zoraï people. I always considered you as friends and will continue this way. I have some great respect in your people, and some very good friends.

Finally, I admit that I lost my temper, and this is my shame. Responding to your ambassador's insulting was maybe not the best I could do. Ignores her would have been more appropriate.
But I will continue to consider her as a disrespectful guest, as long as she doesn't present apologies.

With my best messages
Akenos Gunbra Celips
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