[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Sadly my talk with the Akenak-members Icus, Rollocks and Gunbra after the first full assembly of the Akenak in Pyr before Sharükos Lykos had negative effects on the politics of Hoï-Cho. Because at the assembly of Hoï-Cho on Fallenor 16th in the 1st cycle of AtysYear 2572 Rollocks and Gunbra spoke up in front of the Circle of Hoï-Cho, representatives of other countries and also in front of the Sage we call Sens, who is Gangi Cheng-Ho, the brother of our most honored wearer of the Great Mask, Mabreka Cho.

So I will hereby post my transcription of the whole incident in Pyr so you, honored readers, can see what these Akenak-members were actually trying to refer to - and readers may judge for themselves.

During the assembly I asked the audience this about Icus' rank:
* Zhoi asks the homins around her if Icus aspires to be the next Emperor the way he speaks and acts

And all of that was said after the assembly was officially over in the neighbouring room in Pyr:

Zhoi says: this was a very interesting assembly
Daavics says: really?
Zhoi says: very!
* Gunbra loves Icus.
* Icus loves Gunbra.
Daavics says: the upcoming even will be interesting but this meeting about a new law and thats canceled i
Daavics says: took 2 hours
Zhoi says: I was astonished how... hm... self-confident Akenak Icus talked to his Emperor...
Zhoi says: is this usually this way in the burning desert? We Zorai are very humble in front of our beloved Great Mask Mabreka Cho
* Gunbra slaps Zhois face.
* Zhoi evades
* Luth rit en écoutant les confession de servilité des Zorais.
(Luth laughs when he hears the confession of servility of the Zorai)
Zhoi says: be careful
Zhoi says: are you in love with Akenak Icus?
Bardor says: we have all kind of people in the desert, you should have seen some of the assemblies before the exodus, some were spectacular (on aniro)
Icus says: Well we have a personal opinion, contrary to you, slaved by the kami
Zhoi says: since you defend him so fiercely
Zhoi says: I thought we Zorai and you Fyros are allies?
Rollocks says: thats because Zorians pride themselves on being weak and timid.
Zhoi says: are we not any longer? The way you talk to me is even more awful than the way Icus talked to his Emperer
Osquallo says: fyros aren't afraid of anything
Gunbra says: Icus is one of the best Patriots in the desert
Zhoi says: best in what?
Icus says: I speak truth
Icus says: and the truth might hurt Lykos, it's a fact
Gunbra says: I won't let you says things like that
Luth says: This kamist alliance was only possible by the friendship between Mabreka and Dexton... and the Empire reveres Ma-Duk only since Mabreka converts Dexton... it's a very new thing to fyros and they don't all accept this
Zhoi says: shouldn't you still show more respect to your leader?
Icus says: i say what i think even if it contraries people
Gunbra says: You are invited in our desert, end need to show a little bit more respect
Icus says: I am respectful to Lykos
Zhoi says: hm, I am just asking questions
* Eeri aggree with Gunbra
Icus says: but i'm not his little dog like you zoraï can be with mabreka
* Luth thinks the concurential projets of the well is bad engaged ! Very good !
Zhoi says: so you see yourself as an enemy to my people?
Gunbra says: Lykos is our sharükos, what he says is what we do.
Icus says: Never said that
Zhoi says: do you want to endanger the treaties and alliance both of our rulers have accepted?
Icus says: but i think your mask blindes you
Zhoi says: you are openly isulting my people
* Rollocks is troubled by Zhoi
Zhoi says: we are not slaves nor dogs (dingos)
Zhoi says: you are fiendish towards the Zorai
Icus says: I'm insulting you, not youre people
* Rollocks disregards Zhoi.
Eeri says: please!!!
Icus says: there is a lot of zoraï for which i have a great respect
* Eoda ask herself if it's the same thing.
Icus says: you aren't one of them
Zhoi says: you know nothing about me at all
Rollocks says: did you come here to insult us, Zhoi
Zhoi says: your assumptions are all wrong if they are directed towards me
Rollocks says: if you ave, you ave succeeded.
Gunbra says: indeed I have great respect for lots of zorai, but not hose who comes insult us in our assemblies
Zhoi says: I have come to question your relation to your own ruler
Rollocks says: that is not your place.
Zhoi says: as you did not show the respect I expected...
Osquallo says: respect doesn't mean silence
Zhoi says: well, you might think it is not. But as we spoke I was able to learn more about your personality
Zhoi says: and this is important for the diplomacy with our people
Zhoi says: I will remember everything. We will meet again
Eeri looks coldly at Zhoi : people earns respect they deserves
* Zhoi bows her head (takes leave)
Zhoi murmurs: exactly
Rollocks says: Zhoi, you have not shown they fyros people respect.
* Altamira looks at Zhoi and sadly shakes her head.
Icus says: Our patience has his limits


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