[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

As a neutral observer I am wondering about that incident.

Living in the burning desert, where also my tryker ancestors lived before the first great swarming, I am aware of the hot temper of my friends and neighbours of the fyros people, much more as my closest relative, my sister Diwu, is fyros. Yet so far I thought that the heads of the fyros communities were able to follow the rules not only of diplomacy, but as well of hospitality and respect for foreign guests.

What happened is casting a shadow on the relations between the allied nations of the burning desert and the witherings. Insulting a diplomat has been a starting point of breaking alliances and even wars more than once. I wonder what the heads of the theocracy are thinking about such kind of official humiliation of one of their representatives. Probably a direct contact between the heads of the Theocracy and the Empire is necessary to settle the issue.

As an addendum: Methinks that ambassador Zhoi has not fully understood the difference between the relationship of Fyros and Zorai people to their leaders. The emperor is commander in chief, leader of the people and the imperial forces, and has the saying and the last word about all issues of the fyros people. Nevertheless he is the first among equals, no more and no less. There are no rituals of submission or overly respect. Even me, as a resident foreigner, when I once met emperor Dexton, was greeted and treated as an equal, not a subject, according to the sense of personal freedom among the fyros people (mind that they always considered enslaving fellow homins one of the worst crimes punishable by death which takes then skies above the matis in my views). It is thus normal that fyros argue with their emperor as with anybody else. Once the emperor gives an order, it has to be followed, then any dispute will end, and not complying would be treason and defection and treated accordingly. Warriors may argue, but never in combat. That is the spirit of fyros people.

The relationship between zorai and the theocracy is different. It is a spiritual and intellectual one. Argueing and criticizing here may come close to heresy and apostasy. Any doubt and criticism has to be covered in respect and politeness not to break the spiritual bond between the people and the theocracy. That is a different state of mind and a different way of life.

Yet hospitability also is a base value of the fyros, so I cannot really excuse akenos Icus' and his company's behaviour. The incident should be treated with reluctance but not be belittled in my opinion.


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