[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

As a member of the Circles of Hoï-Cho I had a talk with the respected Akenos Arrlon about maybe building one or more wells as a joint project between the Zoraï and the Fyros as our people have been allies for so long.

During the first Great Assembly of the Akenak in Pyr on Thermis 6th in the 1st cycle of Atys-Year 2572 I proposed this to the Akenak in a polite manner, also repeatedly demonstrating respect for Sharükos Lykos, and mentioning that the other Circles of the cities of amber will first have to agree with this plan as well before it can be seen as an official proposal.

However what happened later on makes me reconsider this idea...

While the assembly was in progress Akenos Icus' casual and contrary way to adress his own Emperor bewildered me more and more. So afterwards I tried to talk to the Akenak about the "self-confident" air Icus had shown - I asked if it was common to speak this way to their superior ruler in the burning desert, as we Zoraï usually show more respect towards our beloved wearer of the Great Mask.

The Zoraï as a people were insulted right away and solely for this question by Akenos Icus and Akenos Rollocks. They called the Zoraï "enslaved by the Kami", "being proud of being weak and timid", "(behaving) like little dogs before Mabreka" and "blinded by their masks". Also Akenos Gunbra agreed with this.

Later on Akenos Icus tried to change the meaning of his words and claimed that he was only adressing me as a person and not all Zoraï with his aggressive offens - however that seems most unlikely considering his phrasings that specifically apply to all Zoraï.

The (only) answer to my question concerning his relation with the Sharükos given by Akenos Icus was "I speak truth. And the truth might hurt Lykos, it's a fact. I say what I think even if it contraries people.". I might point out that by his manner of speech Akenak Icus again proved to be extremely self-referred/autocratic and once more adressed his Emperor merely as "Lykos" without any titles, as if his ruler was just a commoner to him...

During this private talk besides questioning the not-so-respectful way that Akenos Icus had shown towards his Emperor I also pointed out that my three Akenak-discussion partners had phrased outspoken insults towards the Zoraï and I asked if we Zoraï are not seen as allies anymore but as enemies by this new Akenak because of their very aggressive and clearly offensive behaviour towards us (and me as an official representative of the Circles of Hoï-Cho which they knew).

Still completely to the contrary I was then accused by the three Akenak Icus, Rollocks and Gunbra of insulting all Fyros and being respectless to the Fyros people by just questioning Akenos Icus' demeanour (and that of the other Akenak present)! Do some of the new Akenak view Icus as their "true" Emperor and themselves as the absolute representatives of the Fyros people instead of their ruler?

All of this is most alarming and will of course have (negative) effects on our diplomacy.


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