Prime Roots Foraging Survey

Dear players,

The poll results show that options 1 and 3 are almost tied (at 203 and 208 votes respectively.) However, the relevance of these results can be called into question due to the fact that votes by free trial accounts are also counted in this number.

Therefore we have decided to only count votes cast by suscribed accounts in order to give a fairest view of the survey results. See the results here.

The first figure shows the total number of votes (subscribed + free trial.) The second figure between brackets, shows the number of votes by free trial accounts.

If we count only the votes by subscibed accounts, the following results are gotten:
1st option: 157 votes from subscribed accounts, or 38.67% of votes;
2nd option: 77 votes from subscribed accounts, or 18.97% of votes;
3rd option: 172 votes from subscribed account, or 42.36% of votes.

The 3rd option has the most votes and thus prevails, meaning that all forage resources in the Prime Roots will be returned to their pre-merge locations at the next reboot of the server.

The prospecting message bug mentioned in the survey is being worked on by the dev team with high priority.

Best regards,

Ryzom Team


Yumeroh | Senior Gamemaster | Community Manager | Senior Tester Manager
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