[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

* official and/or public buildings and institutions

The members of the Circle of Hoï-Cho wanted to have an overview about the public and official institutions of the Zoraï cities. The Dynastic Circle, the administratory body with all its office is seated in Zora for all we know. There has been a great library before the second Great Swarming (located at the community hall) and a room for (goo-)researches, both accessible for authorized homins only. No Zoraï-academy has been known of.

Zora has had a good reputation before the second Great Swarming for its healing-institutions; the public healer-tent with Kia Bo-Boo provides help and also education, and Tao Sian, the famous (female) Zoraï healer of the most respected Grand Sage Mabreka Cho. The Zoraï troups have camps in every city, their headquarters and generals are stationed in Zora. Also the armory and the national prison should be located somewhere in Zora supervised by guards and/or troups.

It's unknown if or how many dead Zoraï are actually buried at the cemetery close to the Kami-altar. The graveyard might merely be a memorial dedicated to certain individuals. Also the burial rituals of the Zoraï have seemingly never been made public? Except for the hereby listed institutions and the different transportation-systems no other public and/or official services are known of. It is to be investigated if some of the following facilities are in existence or should be thought of establishing: emergency food storages, birthing centres, kindergarten, schools/universities, retirement homes, homeless shelters, theatres, museums, zoos, botanic gardens, public baths, any institutions for arts and crafts and the like.

* meeting place for the assemblies of the Great Circles in Zora

Before the second Great Swarming there have been many a complains about the lack of a suiting assembly room that could also be used for festivities of all kinds. The members of the Circles of Hoï-Cho plan to file a formal motion to build such a place that offers open space for guests and viewers, maybe some kind of a stage, of course a roof and perhaps also walls to protect from the weather and at least traditional floor mats to sit on.


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