[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

* ceremony dedicated to the second Great Swarming

The members of the Circle of Hoï-Cho take it that this ceremony is a one-time-occurance and is not to be repeated each year like the Remembrance Week at the end of every winter. Since the Great Swarming has happened as second time the continuation of the Remembrance Week might be in question in the future anyway, but this should be addressed during the assembly of the Great Zoraï-Circle in Zora and not at regional gatherings.

It was suggested to create a "path of reverence" as a reminder of the events during the second Great Swarming. Every "station" of this path could show a symbolic scene using figurines (made by the Icon worshippers perhaps) and a sign describing the according event of the second Exodus. It would start with a station showing the appearance of white kitins through openings in the bark of Atys and would end with either a symbolic scene showing the arrival of the fleeing population of the New Lands at the secret Kami Oasis or at the Exodus Isle where we have spent 8 years in exile.

As this kind of ceremony needs a fair bit of effort it might be reasonable to locate it near Zora and let it stay there for a while so all citizens of the cities as well as visitors of the jungle will have a chance to take a look at this path. Some stations of the path should remind us of homins who died or have gone missing during these perilous past events.

As the second part of the ceremony a large banquet table was suggested, loaden with meals made from all kinds of edible kitin-parts as a symbol of the triumph over the kitins after the return of the four civilizations and the many tribes to the New Lands. Should a path of reverence prove to be too costly in time and personnel then one day of fasting before an evening-feast should be sufficient, since the second Great Swarming luckily did not cause many homins' lives because of good preparations and invaluable help from the Kami.

A date for the ceremony can only be set if and after the Sages have approved of these plans.


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