[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

* cooperation with tribes of the jungle

a) Masters of the Goo

Lately some individuals living in Hoï-Cho have openly claimed their discontent with the Zoraï-government. There are rumors that members of the troups and guards wish for the Zoraï to show their superiority over other homins and to not allow Non-Zoraï to flood the cities of the jungle or to occupy important positions such as transportation-services ("to new horizons") in the Witherings. It seems that the Masters of the Goo have found sympathisants amongst these dissatisfied Zoraï. However the Circles of Hoï-Cho do not fear deserters, as the Masters of the Goo are followers of the Karavan and also manipulators of the most dangerous goo.

Any further informations can only be given out strictly confidential to trustworthy Zoraï or their allies; they should not be discussed openly in public.

b) Matis-Amazons/Hamazans of the dead seed

Scouts have reported that citizens of Jen-Lai might wish to cooperate with the tribes in Maiden Grove and to "trade" the responsibility of Jen-Lai for the Haven of Purity with Hoï-Cho for this. It seems that there is a part of the Hamazans, a guild named "Amazons Mysticia" seated in Jen-Lai, dedicated to Jena and the Kami. "Jenaism" is a belief that originates from older times and looks on Jena as the Kami-head or god/dess instead of Ma-Duk.

In case of a "trade" Hoï-Cho would be responsible for relationships and combined defensive forces with the Tutors and the Company of the Eternal Tree in the Haven of Purity. Members of the Circle of Hoï-Cho fondly remember the wise Neoi Sui-Reg from the Company of the Eternal Tree, and as his tribe is located very close to the Masters of the Goo too, working together with them would indeed be advantageous for Hoï-Cho. However no official talk about this has been initiated yet and for the moment it is still unknown how many Circle members of each city are or would be either against or in favour of this possible "trade" if asked.


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