[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Hoï-Cho Circle Assembly on Pluvia 6th in the second cycle of Atys-Year 2571 (OOC: 01. 07. 2013)

* more about the new order of the Witherings

Current plans are that every city shall send one Awakened and two Initiates to the national Great Zoraï Circles gathering in Zora. Also ambassador-candidates should attend the meetings of the Great Zoraï Circles. A city-intendant should be named and made known to the Sages, as well as a contact-agent who should maintain relations among the cities of the Witherings. However at the moment it remains uncertain if Hoï-Cho can even muster up more than only two politically active Zoraï, even though there had been more interested parties a while ago.

* cooperation with jungle-tribes

Surprisingly Zhienkao Pai-Du of the Dynastic Circle declared that Hoï-Cho shall be responsible for keeping up relationships with tribes in the regions Void and Maiden Grove. Both areas are to be protected by troups of Hoï-Cho in case of emergencies and combined military defense shall be formed with befriended tribes, especially the Matis-Amazons/Hamazans of the dead seed and the Shadowrunners.

The Gibbads are an exeption though and shall only be handled by the Sages themselves. The Masters of the Goo on the other hand are enemies of the official Zoraï-government; they strive to conquer the Witherings and afterwards all of Atys. Still it would be possible to sent observers or the like who would spy on them from outside the camp as has been done in the past. The members of the Circles of Hoï-Cho asked for any suggestions or initiatives from the public concerning the tribes and especially the Masters of the goo by making use of the public boards.


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