[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

* Kami-missions to hunt goo-infested animals
A interim government member of Hoï-Cho added for consideration that the Kami all over Atys are asking of homins to hunt down goo-infested animals… which don't exist anymore, as they have already been exterminated.

The Sage Gangi Cheng-Ho explained that with these missions the Kami intend to make the homins alert to the dangers of the goo and want to remind the homins to keep their eyes open at all times, since the goo might start to spread again at any given time.

The Awakened Sartyrica suggested that the Zoraï (-researchers) should work out techniques to fight the goo that is already infesting the bark of Atys at the borders of the Witherings to push it back or at least to hinder it from starting to spread. Maybe even ordinary homins could actively help out thereby.

* renewal of old alliances
The Zoraï have allied with several tribes all over Atys in the past and kept staying in touch with them more or less. The interim government members of Hoï-Cho wish to renew these alliances by visiting the tribes with an official delegation step-by-step, to deliver symbolic gifts, help them out with their tasks and/or to offer trade treaties with benefits for both parties. However as other matters are more urgent, especially establishing new constitutions, these plans will have to wait for now.

* information-boards for the cities
There will be sign-boards put up in every city of the Witherings as soon as this is possible. To design the inscriptions will be one of the tasks for the circles of the cities themselves.


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