[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

* Zora sanctuary of Ma-Duk
Our beloved Grand Sage Mabreka Cho plans to rebuild the temple to Ma-Duk as soon as the Kami and priests will give the word. To demonstrate their devotion the interim government members of Hoï-Cho have filed a formal motion to start preparing this project as soon as possible.

* temple of Jena
An interim government member of Hoï-Cho has also requested a new public election to be made for a temple of Jena to be built in the Witherings, as past experiences have proved tolerance and teamwork between homins of all beliefs to be meaningful and wise. However this will first require the determination of voting rights for such national matters within the Witherings.

Another interim government member of Hoï-Cho as well as citizens of Hoï-Cho annotated that even if a temple for Jena is wished for, it should be built far apart from the Cities of Intuition.

* Kitin-outposts (watch-towers)
The interim government members of Hoï-Cho asked for the Kitin-outposts in all the regions of the Witherings to be rebuilt as soon as possible to warn and protect the population from kitin riots and invasions again, as this danger might still be lingering just under the bark.

It was also suggested that the circles or the citizens of the Witherings should have a say about where exactly these outposts should be erected - they should not be placed too close to the goo or right next to a well-known kitin hunting-/feeding-spot this time.

* "to new horizons"
The interim government members of Hoï-Cho have listened to complains from citizens and visitors about the placement of the transport-station of the tryker-organization "to new horizons" in Zora. It was said that this station should be replaced to somewhere next to the stables so newcomers can spot it from there after arriving at the capital.

Citizens have also expressed their worries with being dependent on a private organization for such important matters as transportation. The Sage Gangi Cheng-Ho notified that a different transport-system by local tribes or Zoraï is sought to replace the tryker-transportation in the near future anyway.


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