[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Hoï-Cho Circle Assembly on Thermis 6th in the first cycle of Atys-Year 2571 (OOC: 12. 14. 2012)

* new political order of the Witherings and of Hoï-Cho

The 3 smaller cities of the Witherings have been granted regional rights and are as of now allowed to draw up their own constitutions. The constitutions will be based on the Great Zoraï Circles and the principles of the Zoraï, they will regulate political rights within the circles of the cities. The constitutions will be checked and approved by the three Sages of the Zoraï. Matters of the capital Zora and the country will be decided upon by the Great Zoraï Circles that will be reshaped later on.

The circles of Hoï-Cho will be responsible for organizing regional ceremonies or festivities, attain cultural advancement and religious rootage, embellishing the city, ensuring regional security in and around Hoï-Cho, integrating and inform newcomer refugees of the local dialect, strengthening of the regional economy, and keeping up diplomatic connections to Davae, Dyron and Windemeer.

The constitution for Hoï-Cho will be chalked out by the Awakened Sartyrica Gū Niang Yèguāngyún. The Sage Gangi Cheng-Ho, brother of the most respected Grand Sage Mabreka Cho, will be the homin in charge for Hoï-Cho; he will enable the realisation of reasonable decisions made by the Circles of the city.

The constitution of Hoï-Cho will integrate "Honorary Initiates". This title can be bestowed on homins for continued services and efforts in behalf of the Witherings, of Hoï-Cho and/or the Zorai-government/s. The title is meant especially for native Zoraï; other homins have to expect higher hurdles to gain this title. Honorary Initiates will be allowed to vote at regional referendums at Hoï-Cho. They might even become speakers of circles; however only as long as they are born Zoraï - this requirement was demanded by the Sages.

Opinions and concerns of every citizen of Hoï-Cho and of the Witherings will be heard and asked for through the boards as well as during the open assemblies of the city. Also direct communication among the cities of the Witherings is hoped-for, even before or betweeen official meetings.


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