Remove Neutral as an option for OP battles

Aye Trini that would def solve the problem it would be nice for the Dev's to recognise this as an issue but that only resolve the healing soakers, it doesn't resolve the target slaves.

The quick and easy solution that doesn't require any Dev work that can be implimented right away is no Neutrals standing inside or close to either armies if they do then they are accepting that they could be reported by whomever they are close to and whatever punishment the CSR's hand out (which i hope is fairly harsh seeing as they treat agro dragging harshly this is of a similar calibre as it affects many others).

Then the Dev's can get to work on re-writing the code so that when in PvP any healing AoE targets Friendlies over neutrals and trying to write code that stops folks targetting others who are PvP tagged while they are not.

But it will at some point require the Dev's to interceed to help the majority of honourable players here resolve the issue of the dishonourable.

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