There are several ways to get support in Ryzom. Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are ready to help you in the following ways:


The Support forums are the first place to go if you have a technical problem. Please see if others have reported the same problem before making a new post. Please do not use the forums for private or sensitive information.

Ticket System

To send an in-game ticket, press the question mark button on the button pad and choose "Support". Write down the problem you are having in detail or send us feedback. Please add the email you want us to contact you on.

You can also hit shift+W to enter webIG and look for the support app with the big ? on it.

A CSR will then if necessary contact you in-game via a tell, by izam-mailor by email to get more information from you or help you with a solution. PLEASE: check your spam or junk filters since we see many replies ending up here!

In Game

If you are in game you can check if there is a CSR online by giving the "/who gm" command. A list of available CSRs will show in your System Info tab. You can then send the CSR a tell with your request for assistance.

You can also find help in the Universe channel, which is dedicated to Ryzom Q & A and there are usually other players there that will help you with whatever problem you are having.

Support via Ryzom site

There is a link to SUPPORT at the bottom left and you can click on it and send us a message and also include a screenshot. Please include as much details as possible on your problem.

Contact by email

The mail address to support is and you can write us directly with any problem you have and include a screenshot if this helps explaining the issue.

Live support chat channel on Rocket Chat

In addition to our in-game support system, the live chat is a great place to get help with technical problems or contact the events team, and naturally you can chat with other players while servers are down for maintenance or being patched. You can also chat from out of game with friends and other players ingame via a bridge from Rocket Chat to the in-game public channels and guild channel.

You can access the Rocket chat using your character name and account password.

Our support and events team are present in the chat and will be glad to help you with any questions or problems you may have 


Please remember your actions in Ryzom are subject to the Ryzom Policies


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