Fluffy Bunnies

Bunnies have "no ties that bind". If new arrivals want to find a home while they get settled with their decision on whether they gonna PvP or not PvP, join a faction or whatever, we are glad to have peeps while they get acquainted with game and make up their minds. We participate in joint activities with guilds from both kami and kara factions and from all 4 race lands, allowing newcomers to meet and interact with players from both factions and all 4 lands.

After some time in Atys, if you wanna stay, most happy to have you. If you have to leave to pursue what you want the game to be, the only tie that remains is one of friendship. Similarly, if you've been in a guild and found that your play style is not a good match for the guild you are in, that you have had enough of PvP'ing or whatever reasons you may have .... well we'd be glad to have ya.

To join contact GL / HO in game or visit here:


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