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New Patch 1.12 - Advanced Occupations

It is great to see the game advancing, however does anyone agree the patch numbering is quite poor?

1.9 shouldn't go to 1.10 that's lower :D because at 1.9 i thought we were close to Ryzom 2.0 :) which i expect to be a big patch.

no, it is correct.
The number following the the period (".") is 10, after which is 11. the version can be broken down into smaller minor version for example 1.9.1 and in the case of the version you mentioned 1.10.1 or 1.10.5 up to 1.10.99 (If they so wish) and eventually 1.11.0 and so on. It is up to the developers to decide how they want to number their versions as long as they keep incrementing the versions.

If however it is a "major" version update, for instance when the new code is not compatible with the version 1 code at all, due to big changes, at this point the developers will make the call to move over to a new "major" version like 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 for example.

Hope this helps.


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