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Outpost Battle Towers

Kind of small towers or spires that can be built on empty construction sites at the outposts. Towers would provide certain effects to the players appearing to be in range of effect, say 25 or 50 m around tower. Type of effect would be determined by type of tower. Each tower would cost dappers, with expensive towers providing stronger effect and wider area.

1) Sentry tower - inflicts direct damage of magical or ranged type upon hostile players (attackers) within area of effect. Types of magical damage would be also depending on type of tower. So there would be electric towers, poison towers etc. The effect of tower would appear as DoT spell, dealing damage constantly until target die or leave area of effect.

2) Buffing tower - provides defenders with different types of buffs depending on type of tower. Boost or accelerated regen of HP/Sap/Stamina, increased speed of movement or higher hit rate, dodge or parry boosts and so on.

3) Debuffing tower - same as the buffing one, but inflicts negative effects upon attackers entering area of effect: slowing them down, slowing down their attacks etc.

The OP owners would have to decide which towers to choose and adapt tactics accordingly to their needs and numbers. I.e. stay tight within range of tower to obtain its buff, or stay behind debuffing tower and kill attackers crawling through slow movement zone. If battle enters 2nd phase, towers would still work in favor of OP owners. But once OP gets captured, all towers become inactive, preventing new owners from using them and leaving them no option but destroy it manually in order to build their own towers.

That would grant a lot of new possibilities and tactics for OP battles, making them more diverse and intersting. Also, implementing sentry towers would partially solve the one-man attacks issue.
Zeige Thema
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