[Rangers] Nurturing cord (2021/06/20)

Ambassador Eolinius to Governor Ailan Mac'Kean

Lordoy Nair-Governor Ailan

Please find here the report of the Rangers meeting, Quinteth, Folially 5, 1st CA 2614 which I attended as a representative of the federation. This meeting was chaired by Ranger Melga Fogore.

What a surprise to find the Rangers, after the tragic episode of Orphie Dradius' death in the Almati Wood Kitins' Lair, in such a state of decay, both morally and financially. From what I could understand, and what corroborates the rumors heard within the cities of the lakes, they are in a total destitution and need to find the support and the confidence of the people and nations, scalded by the absence of results on the investigation in the Kitins' Lair and on this black sting found beside Orphie.

I have full confidence in their diplomatic skills to regain the grace of the nations *Eolinius winced as he thought back to some of the words he heard the most virulent ones say*.

Besides, the heads of the nations have already more or less started negotiations according to Melga Folgore.

- The karan spoke only of the merit of Svaldi (probably Svaldi Bucci, after consulting the archives, the artist who created the map of the tunnel of Woe found in the archives of Orphie).
- The sharükos wants to highlight the great courage of Orphie Dradius.
- Mabreka wants the rangers to get closer to the ideals of the kami.

But you must know that, Nair-Ailan, since you yourself have been asking for news about what happened to Nair-Tepsen.

*Eolinius lifted his pen for a moment and sighed - The powerful negotiate in their corner without of course informing the ambassadors, how after that not to pass for a toub at the time of the discussions... Eolinius started to write again*.

By the way, Nair Ailan, why on earth did you insist on hearing from this Tepsen whom the young people have never heard of, except perhaps through some rumors. I had to consult the federation archives to find out that he is a Tryker scientist from the The FISHES society, author of the amber cube describing the creation of allegorical attributes for jewelry. Did he contract gambling debts from you? Did he win the speed competition of the biggest Byrh?
*Eolinius paused for a moment, then after reflection crossed out the last few sentences which he found undiplomatic.*

In short, if you allow me, as a faithful servant of the federation, I would be willing to lead a delegation to discuss with the rangers the directives you will submit to us. I also call upon all trykers of good will who are part of a tryker citizen guild (only citizen guilds can participate in foreign policy) to join me in the formed delegation if they wish.

Eolinius, Tryker Ambassador


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