Lettre à Daeronn Cegrips

oren pyr akenak,

I did receive your missive.

I'm glad to see in the sharük, homins in search of talen.
However, you may not be abreast with the latest knowledge in the field that was shared at the Congress of Kitinology held in Pyr. I can't recommend strongly enough to consult the minutes that are kept in the library of the Academy, so that our exchanges can be fruitful.

I have to leave for a study trip, but I will contact you as soon as I get back. In the meantime, I encourage you to study the architecture of the different kitins' lairs. An in-depth study of the habitat of the kitins may indeed allow us to identify communication routes. After my return, we will discuss more direct studies of the kitins themselves.

Of course, if you manage to collect specimens of endemic species, such as kinreys or kidinaks, during your explorations, do not hesitate to have them taken to one of my assistants at the Academy.

sharük pyrèkud

Daeronn Cegrips
Imperial Academician
Chamber of Truth, Chair of Knowledge
Mostrar temas
Last visit mar 01 dic 2020 09:10:51 UTC UTC

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