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transcript from Scooby's course on 24th august 2019

How to choose a good magic amplifier?

A simple tutorial for low level homins.

You will tell me, a magic amplifier must be supreme! No, not necessarily.....…

First of all, you must know the maximum quality of the amps you can wear: Intelligence + 10. You will find your level of intelligence in Identity (key P).

The quality number of the amp you want to buy is displayed in the lower right corner of the amplifier icon.

Quality of the magic amplifiers: Intelligence + 10 (Intel max = highest magic level + 25)

Note: An amp can only amplify spells whose level is less than or equal to the quality of the amp, hence the interest of getting amps of a level greater than or equal to the highest spell you can cast.

A right click on your amps, info and you will have... the informations on your amps.

  • The icon of the object (weapon, armor, loot...) has a different background depending on the origin: Tryker (blue), Fyros (orange yellow), Matis (green), Zorai (violet)
  • Hit points: when your amp reaches 1 hit point, you no longer have an amp.
  • Sap Charge: this is the maximum charge your amp can have in sap crystals to enchant spells. We will see about that later.
  • Skill, damage, hits per minutes...... up to magic bonuses, these features have no interest on amps.

We will focus on the important things:

That's when things get interesting. We must look at themagic bonus and therefore, thepercentages of speed and power of the spell. The higher the power, the more the spell is amplified, and the higher the percentage of speed, the faster your spell will start.

For low levels, an ampli is considered as good when it has minimum 83 % - 84 % in seep and power on the branch you want to train (Elemental, Offensive affliction, Heal, Defensive affliction).
It is obvious, it is better that your amps increase your spells by 100%, rather than 50% (for information, the 83% zone corresponds to an amp made with mostly excellent materials, the amps with mostly supreme materials will be around 97%)

The higher the percentages, the better your amps will be!

At the beginning, only elemental and heal are important, you will raise the offensive and defensive affliction much later: they do not inflict any damage (except in the case of madness), so they are not very worthwhile initially.

It is possible to have either percentages for a specific magic branch, or for absolutely all branches (very convenient).

And if you know the crafter and you smile at him, he can sign a beautiful message for you, in the crafter's message.…

As with all weapons, you can enchant your amplifiers:
  • right click on a spell, Life Gift for example
  • crystallize
  • take your crystallised spell
  • in your inventory, find the spell you just crystallized and do a "enchant right hand". Obviously, you have to wear your amp to enchant the right hand of your amp (you will see a number in the top left corner on the icon of your amp, which corresponds to the sap load).
  • recharge your amps with sap crystals or sap charges (which you can buy with faction points from the federal merchant in Fairhaven for example)
  • to use the spell, use the stanza (or brick) "Use Item Enchantment".

Enchantments are very useful to quickly heal a team member for example. You can alternate with a classic life spell, which will help you to bring up your teammate's life very quickly. Be careful, remember to recharge your amps everytime with sap crystals.

On your amp info, you can see what spell you have enchanted:

Thanks to Scooby for her work
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