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That's what I thought .... and yet I as unable to add any new markers yesterday.  Is there a limit maybe in a single log in ?  I tried 12 times to add more markers than you see here:

That's a screenshot imported into AutoCAD and then "published to web" ... looked good except the export killed the resolution.

Now when I log in today I am again able to do flags. I'm guessing that the file isn't "saved" till one logs out. And perhaps it will hold only so many missions in the cache until it no longer accepts more ?

I have about 100 NPC locations that, Id like to see added to BM mats. Any way for me to export them so they could be added ?

For example:


Sacred Sap - Tribe Welcomer =Ja-Zun Fa
Scout = Miaro Cido (4 Locations)
Journeyman = Cedon Ibiraan (1 Location)
Patroller = Ha-Zhia Cuo (2 Locations)
Hunter = Sai-Ju Jeoi (1 Location)

Siblings of the Weed - Tribe Welcomer = Cai-Ci Liangi
Scout = Sai-Ju Du (3 Locations)
Journeyman = Vani Cuillo (1 Location)
Prospector = Pei-Jeng Tao (1 Location)
Hunter = Qu-Bin Nao (2 Locations)

Nation / Other
Hunter = = Pecho Cuildo (2 Locations)
Journeyman = Vani Cuillo (1 Location)
Patroller = Aniche Anigno (1 Location)
Prospector = Nirni Ciozzo (1 Location)
Prospector = Viccia Girinia (2 Locations)
Pecho Cuidi = Prospector (3 Locations)

I saw no sense in adding the other tribe mission givers in the camps as they all hangin with the Tribe Welcomer.

Let me know ....

a) If I guessed right about why I couldn't add flags ?
b) If unsure, anything you want me to do testing wise ?
c) We have any shot at being able to filter an entire category ? Liken Citizens only or Citizens and Mission mats only ?
d) Can I export anything to add NPCs to BM Maps. Was going to try Lopy's app but I dunno if the data is useful


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