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Why ?
The purpose of close combat (boxing gloves) is to increase your parry stats while you are not handling weapons.
Why, would you kill that ? (which is an interesting stats to improve btw)]

Catching up on forums after 6 month out of game .... During one of the beta periods, we were tasked with balancing (read collecting data) on melee vs magic kills. At the time, when the staff was what amplified the magic skill, I had suggested that"

- Add some type of magic gloves to replace the staff and amplify magic damage.
- Add "Greaves of Steele" to amplify melee damage

Well 1 outta 2 isn't a bad deal but it would another level of thinking to crafting action building.

More close combat options would be nice. Right now, you have bare hands which would be silly to use against armor, amps which you really don't want to punch with unless you want to save the time of equipping/removing them, and daggers, which are 150% faster for reasons than either I do not get.

Dual wield short staffs / dual wield claws ... 2 weaps same skill.

New proposal: Send a reminder e-mail when your subscription is about to expire (one or two days before).

I always get an email 3 days before my sub is up. :/

You don't get a notification when sumething messes up on a recurring sub tho ... change in who processes payments,
card passes expiration date. AMEX automatically switches you over but Master / Visa are poo poo heads.

A knowledge 4 stanza that shows source content amount in the source name

No where have I heard that before ? :)

Also a means to get that 4 or 6 missing focus credits so can go all out with max speed and max rate... How about both as a Spirit of da Bark bennie ?


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