I think Gidget, you misunderstand what I am saying by "basic principles" and by "right way". Maybe I choose my wording wrongly.

I'm not saying that anyone is playing wrong or not (it's a game and the game is allowing you to do what you want). But this degree of freedom has allowed players to bring the game at a level where being a faction just means: what do you prefer as teleport system?. And this to me is wrong because it has killed the way we "should" (notice the ") interact with each others (in-game not OOC).
That's my point, gameplay restriction can guide players. You can summarize it by: it can give guidelines to players, simple as that.

When you say, " I feel that the real problem is that some people don't like having their core beliefs insulted" -> No body likes to have his own belief insulted, not you not me not many others players in this game.

But just keep in mind, the title of the thread is "Is PVP RP?" ... and to me players need help to make it RP, gameplay restriction (that's what I meant by "basic principles") is a way to do it (not the only one).

If you need some clarifications with what I'm saying, do not hesitate to ask. I'm not as nasty as you seem to think :)
Zeige Thema
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