Tribe Fame - Confused

Hello Atys, I am really confused with tribe fame. I have had a few different toons all tell me different things and yet I really want to have a better understanding as to why there is any value in taking the time to achieve it.

I was told that as long as you are able to “safely” get inside, that the tribe will protect you. Well, that is not true because I have the “Anti-Kamis” at -49 and the argo still killed me. Then I have several tribes at “Zero” and yet they all killed me as soon as I ran into the area for safety (then I was told that I had yet “triggered” the tribe fame, that is why it is still at zero). Also, I was also told that there is a toon playing now who has maxed out his/her fame with all 51 tribes in Atys.

So, what is the real purpose and benefits of doing so? Is there anyone who can really explain tribe fame to me and why would a toon take all his/her time to max-out tribe fame unless there was some major benefit.

Thank you
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