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My Ryzom Tools

Hello Guys :)

I switch into a month from PHP 5 to PHP 7 on my Server.
This mean i need rebuild all my Code for my Ryzom Tools! (a lot to do)

http://www.ryzom-bosses.com/  & Ryzom-bosses.com App (IG APP)
Are still in used and i will try fix that asap (maybe some bugs left pleas report to me)

http://www.nirus.at/r_map/  & Ryzom Hilfe Map Reg/Info (IG APP) are nearly not used anymore, this why i will not rebuild this Page anymore and shutdown it!
If someone are interrested on the code, contact me ;)

Christmas Fairy - Event (IG APP) i also will shutdown!

Enjoy playing Ryzom


Mfg Bonny
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