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Año de Jena 2602 Parche (Parche 3.5.0 - 08-02-2019) - OFFICIAL NEWS - Foro de la Comunidad RyzomInicioInvitado


Año de Jena 2602 Parche (Parche 3.5.0 - 08-02-2019)

the other way around ...: it is absolutely not kosher to be forced to kill other players in pvp when that be against the grain for one. Just so too it is not right (imho) to force OP battle upon players, who have no intention nor inclination to have a part in them.

As for dp....: happens ingame in all manner of circumstances. It can be a throwback in plans .. but it is at least reparable and it is an ingame phenomena ... a part of the game for all. So it is if at all then only peripherally a part of the matter up for discussion. <-- imho naturally

@Siela, All of this is because it's OK to be killed by mobs but absolutely NOT OK to be killed by homins.
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