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Jena Year 2602 Patch (Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-02-08)

Jena Year 2602 Patch (Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-02-08)

A client, data and server patch and a restart of the game server are planned on February 8th, 2019 in order to implement the following additions and fixes:

  • New rewards at Wheel of Fortune:
    • New Frippo Zig;
    • New Tryker hairstyles for all races;
    • New Colored Underwear for all races;
    • Excellent tokens for the Wheel of Fortune;
    • New reward obtainable with excellent tokens: Refugee clothes in different colours (Time to free up some space for your collection!
  • Guild Islands:
    • Choice between five islands per ecosystem;
    • Make your scenery with the Scenographic Editor.
    • Spawn mobs and/or NPCs (limited at first but more will be winnable later);
    • Invite your friends (this option will be availabe later).
  • New Boss:
    • Yubokin comes to settle on the island of Silan.
  • Change in OP battles:
    • Removal of the neutral status during the battle. Outside battle time, neutral option remains possible.
  • Fix of exploit:
    • Campfires have been reworked to fix an exploit.
  • Skill Titles:
    • They are now automatically given, like fame titles. You can see them in your special title list, with the required skills displayed.
  • Ranger Gameplay balance:
    • Resurrection points added to paths in 250 and Prime Roots regions;
    • Moved a Lands of Continuity path closer to Midway Point;
    • Moved the paths near capital cities closer to a Kami or Karavan teleporter.
  • Marauder Improvments:
    • Change colour of marauder teleport crystal.
    • Improvement for buying Recharges.
  • Fix Exploits for any Missions on Silan
  • Removed loud Wind Sound on Silan
  • Clients Improvements:
    • Added UI-Scale for all Clients, see Game Settings (to set manually)
    • Fixed bug with playing the Flute Sheet.
    • Added repeat/shuffle buttons to music player.
    • Changed: Random command can now be hidden.(/random hide)
    • Fixed: Free animal option in player trade window.
    • Added new objects for Events.

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information, and best wishes to you!

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