[Fyros] Empire’s Shield : « Towers ! » (2019/01/28)

Attracted by growls and other vituperations, Euton Krinn read a poster on the walls of Pyr.
Oren pyr,
Patriots, Desert inhabitants and Empire’s friends, the time has come to launch the last stage of work for the greater glory of the Empire. Meet me by Thesos citadel on 12h - Quinteth, Frutor 29, 4. AZ 2601(*). Under the strict supervision of Ibiritis Ibirus, Thesos strategos, I will unveil the plans for the last fortifications of Thesos and we will launch the campaign for gathering materials for the buildings.

Iribitus Iribus, Thesos strategos
Gramald Xarius, Imperial Academist, Chamber of Honor

He burst out laughing, but with an anxious look around him, he reverted quickly to a worried face. It was better not to make fun of them, city dwellers could be very sensitive. He will soon be back in his Barkers tribe and could laugh more and more at the so-called patriots reluctance to build a few towers. How would they have built Pyr without the Barkers?

* [OOC]On Montag 28 Januar 2019 20:00:00 UTC (vor 2 Jahren).[/OOC]
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